Photo… of me!

I was lucky that my time in Hong Kong coincided with my good friend Andrea Pun‘s homecoming (she moved back to Hong Kong from L.A). If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, her name would probably be familiar ’cause I post about her awesome work from time to time! And if you don’t then


I was sitting in class today and thought — heck I really need to sell some prints. So I came home and made a new Society6 shop! There’s WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING from today until Saturday 16th midnight Pacific Time with this link…so ya know what to do (And come on, the iPhone case looks sweeeet

Here we go again!

Three months later, turns out Tumblr‘s not working out that great for longer and wordy posts… (no surprise there, really). I wrote this three months ago when I tried blogging for the millionth time…. Before writing all of this down, I spent some time debating if I want to have a Tumblr in addition to

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Creeping on Carmen Chan

Like I mentioned last time, I spent some time creeping on Carmen Chan while she was shooting. The guy she was photographing is actually 17!!! FYI the man in blue is Alan See from Hong Kong menswear clothier The Armoury (which I only found out because I follow Carmen’s photography, if y’all are wondering how

July 1st in Hong Kong

Quick post with photos taken from my iPhone using Hipstamatic and Instagram from today’s annual 7/1 protest in Hong Kong. For those who never need to know or had the chance to know about this ex-British colony that I was born and raised in, here’s some basic info: Hong Kong was a British colony from

Landmark Men Party

Following Carmen Chan around, creeping… check out her Baggu backpack Woot Carmen shooting! I love taking behind the scenes photos Carmen (also of How I Met Your Style), Denise of SUPERWOWOMG, Jason of TOUGHLOVE JJ. Acuna aka the Wanderlister and Jason Live mannequins Jun Kung (恭碩良) and band Fact: I don’t party. But I’m in