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#WayBackWhensday: Meeting Jonathan Mak

By On October 16, 2013

I’m trying to do regular blog updates and consider what a gigantic backlog of photos and stories I have, I’m having this weekly feature called #WayBackWhensday… on Wednesdays in which I’ll post… Read More


Day trip to New York City!

By On June 15, 2013

I took a quick trip to New York City last Friday with my friends Arthur and Allan. Get this — we were only there for the day. I have been planning this… Read More



By On May 4, 2013

I love Toronto. I have been living here for almost 7 years now, but I think the love affair started when I was in high school and started going to shows. Going… Read More


Analogue Gallery: Sound Image 2013

By On March 26, 2013

Last Tuesday was the opening reception for Analogue Gallery Sound Image 2013 contest & exhibition. There were so many people and it was great to finally meet some Toronto photographers who I… Read More



By On March 13, 2013

Last month I submitted a few photos to Analogue Gallery‘s SOUND IMAGE 2013 photo exhibition & contest and one of them was chosen to be in the show! This will be my… Read More


Walk With Me

By On February 3, 2013

“Walk with me” is a phrase I imagine using, you know, as if I have something important to say to another person that couldn’t wait so we have to do the “walk… Read More


I like to talk about me but I don’t like to talk about me

By On January 12, 2013

You know how here are people who could just say, “I’m bored, leave me asks!” and then their Formspring/Tumblr ask boxes would be filled with questions within minutes? That’s never me. But… Read More


Photo… of me!

By On October 7, 2012

I was lucky that my time in Hong Kong coincided with my good friend Andrea Pun‘s homecoming (she moved back to Hong Kong from L.A). If you follow me on Facebook or… Read More