Here we go again!

Three months later, turns out Tumblr‘s not working out that great for longer and wordy posts… (no surprise there, really).

I wrote this three months ago when I tried blogging for the millionth time….

Before writing all of this down, I spent some time debating if I want to have a Tumblr in addition to a WordPress blog (for behind the scenes stuff while Tumblr for… other.. stuff). I have a WordPress blog for awhile (not updated that often). We all know that being a photographer these days mean being behind of the computer and more social media instead of much actual shooting. I don’t know. I couldn’t really decide which one I want to use. I was going to do both, but some people manage without both. I was weighing the pros and cons between each of them (Tumblr: easy to update, but no proper back up/import function; WordPress; highly customizable, better organizing but more hassle to update/socialize) and I decided to just stick with Tumblr from now on because I’m a lazy person (but knowing my fickleness I’ll probably want to do a WordPress after). I suppose I will just have to start this Tumblr right this time — proper tags, knowing what I want first so I don’t have to overhaul everything after.

That’s the hardest part. I never know what I really want. I change my mind too often. My bad track record takes away my confidence in everything I do. I know what my problem is so now I’m trying to change. Right now, I’m trying to do one thing and stick with it long enough. This time, I also decided to forgo the “Jessie Lau Photography” title — I don’t want this blog to be strictly about photography… because I probably wouldn’t be doing that enough, and the fact that I’m so many things. I’m not just a photographer and I don’t want to be just a photographer. So I’m just going to be myself and see where that takes me. (I feel like I could have said, “I need to be Jessie Lau and see where that takes me”, a variation of “but I have to be Blair Waldorf before I can be Chuck Bass’s girlfriend”… yes I watch too much TV).

HAHA. That part about “wanting to switch after all”… I know myself pretty darn well.

P.S. The title is meant to be yelled out like the first words of this song.