I was sitting in class today and thought — heck I really need to sell some prints. So I came home and made a new Society6 shop!

There’s WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING from today until Saturday 16th midnight Pacific Time with this link…so ya know what to do (And come on, the iPhone case looks sweeeet and I’m not saying this cause I have something to do with it)

Last year, someone posted this photograph (which has been on my Flickr since 2009) on Tumblr and it went… I wouldn’t say viral but it got a ton of notes WITHOUT CREDIT. But this awesome lady in Netherlands hunted me down and bought a 16″ x 16″ print for a surprise for her boyfriend. And that was my first international print sale, and the buyer was not a friend of mine. :D

I’d never seen my photos printed thissss big before so it was super exciting to see it, I was sad to part with it :(

Will be adding more prints once I figure out what people like/what I have.