Red Handed Denial at Anime North 2016

Sorry sorry sorry this happened almost a year and a half ago and I’m only posting these now I AM SORRY OKAY LET’S GET TO IT. I’m trying to remember my process that day but it’s been a while so I’ll have to guess what I was thinking from these photos (but isn’t that what…… Continue reading Red Handed Denial at Anime North 2016

Red Handed Denial at Night It Up! 2016

Every year in July, there’s a night market that takes place in Markham called Night It Up! and it gives local bands a pretty cool big stage to play on, and the lighting’s always spectacular and fun—you don’t really get that set up at an indoor venue for independent bands. 2016 was RHD’s fourth time performing…… Continue reading Red Handed Denial at Night It Up! 2016

Arbors Lane

Arbors Lane is an alternative rock band from Toronto… I took this off from their Facebook page because if it were up to me, this is how I would describe them: “Arbors Lane is really adorable and I love them” but that’s probably too subjective and doesn’t really tell you much about their music—I want…… Continue reading Arbors Lane

Red Handed Denial “Wanderer EP” Release Show

In April, Red Handed Denial released their “Wanderer EP”, and you can play the whole thing below while I show you the photos from the release show. Do it. Ready? They had the show at an upstairs venue I’d never been before, the stage was small, ceiling was low, practically no lighting, so I used a lot of flash and edited…… Continue reading Red Handed Denial “Wanderer EP” Release Show

Red Handed Denial opening for Trivium

In January 2016, Red Handed Denial booked the biggest show they ever played to date—they opened for Trivium in Kitchener at Dallas Night Club. It was a cold and snowy day. Soundcheck There was a photo pit… I don’t usually get photo pits at the shows these guys play, so I was pretty happy, but…… Continue reading Red Handed Denial opening for Trivium

2015 with Red Handed Denial

I messed up. This post should have gone out before my last post with photos from Red Handed Denial’s Dirty Diana MV shoot, but here’s a recap of the second half of my 2015 when I started working with the band, aka how I tagged along on their summer shows and took photos. My story with Red Handed Denial started back…… Continue reading 2015 with Red Handed Denial

Mirrelia @ Hard Luck Bar

Earlier this month Last month (happy Sept 1st!), my friends at Mirrelia released some new music in awhile, I photographed their EP Release show at the Hard Luck Bar. I have photographed them countless times over the years (most recently last December) and I was especially excited about these images because it captured something new from them. When you have…… Continue reading Mirrelia @ Hard Luck Bar

Maybe Refuge @ Night It Up! 2014

I photographed Toronto band Maybe Refuge at Night It Up! last week. I haven’t shot a show in awhile and I definitely missed it. You can get the band’s latest EP “Familiar to Few” on iTunes. Shout out to coworker & friend Philbert Lui for introducing them to me!

Red Handed Denial’s “Stories of Old” Album Release Show

A couple weeks ago I photographed Toronto band Red Handed Denial’s album release show at the Cherry Cola’s Rock N’ Rolla Cabaret and Lounge, super inconspicuous venue with a small stage and cool decor. Shot these with my trusty 50mm f/1.8, then I made up my mind to pick up something wider. I saw the…… Continue reading Red Handed Denial’s “Stories of Old” Album Release Show

Anberlin @ The Opera House

Because of school and other obligations, I haven’t been able to shoot concerts for sometime now. So obviously I had to hit one up as soon as my exams are over! There was this one night when Anberlin’s A Day Late was randomly stuck in my head — I’m not a big Anberlin fan —…… Continue reading Anberlin @ The Opera House

A Day to Remember’s Gamechangers Tour 2011

Truth be told, I’m a huge procrastinator — definitely not a good trait and I’m still working on it every day. Sometimes when it comes to creative work you really need to set a deadline for yourself and stick to it, or it will just end up in the back of the hard drive somewhere…… Continue reading A Day to Remember’s Gamechangers Tour 2011

This is The Voice

I have been a pretty big fan of NBC’s reality singing competition The Voice since the first season, but because of school work and other things I haven’t been able to keep up with the show as much as I’d like. The best part about watching the show is seeing artists that I had seen…… Continue reading This is The Voice