Day trip to New York City!

I took a quick trip to New York City last Friday with my friends Arthur and Allan. Get this — we were only there for the day. I have been planning this trip in my head since the brilliant and talented Alice X. Zhang announced her solo show in January… probably? I love her art…… Continue reading Day trip to New York City!

Analogue Gallery: Sound Image 2013

Last Tuesday was the opening reception for Analogue Gallery Sound Image 2013 contest & exhibition. There were so many people and it was great to finally meet some Toronto photographers who I have been stalking whose work I have been following and seen around on the Interwebz (Jess Baumung! Vanessa Heins! Courtney Lee Yip!) The…… Continue reading Analogue Gallery: Sound Image 2013

I like to talk about me but I don’t like to talk about me

You know how here are people who could just say, “I’m bored, leave me asks!” and then their Formspring/Tumblr ask boxes would be filled with questions within minutes? That’s never me. But that’s because I don’t like to ask for attention outright like that, but always thinking to myself “Ask me ask me I know…… Continue reading I like to talk about me but I don’t like to talk about me

Creeping on Carmen Chan

Like I mentioned last time, I spent some time creeping on Carmen Chan while she was shooting. The guy she was photographing is actually 17!!! FYI the man in blue is Alan See from Hong Kong menswear clothier The Armoury (which I only found out because I follow Carmen’s photography, if y’all are wondering how…… Continue reading Creeping on Carmen Chan