A Study in Friendship

In my last post, I established what a shitty blogger/photographer/person I am when it comes to posting things in a relevant timeframe… so here’s another post with photos I took from last year. Last time I explained how I met Gavin and Nick (recap: I found a job, they also worked there), I haven’t explained the part that I…… Continue reading A Study in Friendship

Behind the Scenes on FrankOH’s “Hear U Scream” MV

A little bit of background… Okay, let’s get this out of the way—I’m a very untimely blogger and always owing my friends photos (sorry) and not post them until a year (or more…) later. To be specific, I do send people pics, just don’t share them publicly (like on a blog). Because those are personal work not…… Continue reading Behind the Scenes on FrankOH’s “Hear U Scream” MV

Interlove by Colin Boyd Shafer

A few months ago I took photos of the opening reception of Interlove, a documentary project on interfaith couples in Ontario by photographer and teacher Colin Boyd Shafer. Selected images from the project are exhibited at the historic Mackenzie House until the end of this week, so there’s still a chance to see these photos in person. You can…… Continue reading Interlove by Colin Boyd Shafer

Behind the Scenes on Silverstein “Face of the Earth” MV

In April, North Film Co. reached out to me to take some photos at the shoot for Silverstein’s MV “Face of the Earth” from their new album I Am Alive In Everything I Touch. I’d worked with Director Cat Hostick and Director of Photography Russ De Jong on another MV shoot last summer (which I still haven’t made a post about…… Continue reading Behind the Scenes on Silverstein “Face of the Earth” MV

Reel Asian 2014 TIFF Reception @ Pearl King

Somehow the only TIFF-related event I attended this festival season was Reel Asian’s annual TIFF Reception. This was my third year attending and second time photographing it for the festival — the first time I covered it was 2012. Lately, I have been more “active” with my photography, that means posing people and getting comfortable with using the…… Continue reading Reel Asian 2014 TIFF Reception @ Pearl King

Mirrelia @ Hard Luck Bar

Earlier this month Last month (happy Sept 1st!), my friends at Mirrelia released some new music in awhile, I photographed their EP Release show at the Hard Luck Bar. I have photographed them countless times over the years (most recently last December) and I was especially excited about these images because it captured something new from them. When you have…… Continue reading Mirrelia @ Hard Luck Bar

Maybe Refuge @ Night It Up! 2014

I photographed Toronto band Maybe Refuge at Night It Up! last week. I haven’t shot a show in awhile and I definitely missed it. You can get the band’s latest EP “Familiar to Few” on iTunes. Shout out to coworker & friend Philbert Lui for introducing them to me!

Dustin Dopsa of Final Thought

I’ll confess these were taken awhile ago — October 2012 — and I’ve never posted them until now, blah blah blah. Anyway, this is Dustin. Dustin sings in Final Thought, it’s his 23rd birthday today—which means it’s the perfect time to post portraits of somebody, always. There were taken on my Mamiya C220 TLR with…… Continue reading Dustin Dopsa of Final Thought

Red Handed Denial’s “Stories of Old” Album Release Show

A couple weeks ago I photographed Toronto band Red Handed Denial’s album release show at the Cherry Cola’s Rock N’ Rolla Cabaret and Lounge, super inconspicuous venue with a small stage and cool decor. Shot these with my trusty 50mm f/1.8, then I made up my mind to pick up something wider. I saw the…… Continue reading Red Handed Denial’s “Stories of Old” Album Release Show

NEW TOY! 28mm f/1.8 USM!

There was this epic ice storm that hit Toronto on Saturday evening and then the power went out in the suburbs. So I obviously trekked downtown for WiFi, electricity, and to have a meeting for an upcoming project (in that order #priorities). But I was mostly excited about picking up a 28mm f/1.8 USM!!!! Since…… Continue reading NEW TOY! 28mm f/1.8 USM!

Warmer Weather

I’m not really a nature person by nature (ha), I like staying in more than being outdoors. But once in awhile I force myself to go out. Now that winter is officially here (snow storm and -15 degree—check!), I find myself missing the awesome fall weather and colours. After watching the amazing Orange is the…… Continue reading Warmer Weather