Behind the Scenes on FrankOH’s “Hear U Scream” MV

Gavin, Dario, Nick, FrankOH

A little bit of background…

Okay, let’s get this out of the way—I’m a very untimely blogger and always owing my friends photos (sorry) and not post them until a year (or more…) later. To be specific, I do send people pics, just don’t share them publicly (like on a blog). Because those are personal work not client work (which I obviously would be on time for), when friends chase me for photos, here’s the excuse I like to give: forget about that instant gratification, how about reliving the memories in the future? Think of it like waiting for photos to develop, like the old days. The anticipation is the key. Besides, I love showing people photos way after the fact they remember having it taken, I love finding photos I forgot I’ve taken. It brings back memories. Isn’t this what photography is all about? (Yes I’m aware I’m bullshitting, but I have a great point. I KNOW I DO.)

Anyway, reason why I’m finally writing is because a year ago yesterday I was on a MV set taking photos and met all these cool people and that was a lot of fun and I realized that I still haven’t blogged about this.

And here’s the story of how it all happened.

Last summer I was taking photos at a fashion event… so not my scene, I was trying to try new things and do events photography, which make me nervous because a) I’m not a big party person so I feel super out of place b) crowds are intimidating c) figuring out settings for the flash is tricky and group photos always stress me out. At the event, I met FrankOH, a solo pop rock artist who told me he’s shooting a MV in a couple of weeks. I love film sets and I’ve always wanted to do production photos, obviously, I told him to count me in. The next week he asked me to come to band rehearsal for the MV and take some photos, I’ve never been to a band practice before, so down!

Now I need to backtrack a little bit so this awesome story would make more sense. I graduated last April and then went to Taipei for a month, came back to Toronto and started looking for a part-time job. I had just gotten a job around the time I met FrankOH. At my new job, I met Gavin and Nick, we made small talk where I talked about the part how I’m a music photographer and they told me they used to be in a band (The Heights), but not anymore. And I was like, DAMN IT…

The next day, I went to band practice, and at the door, I found the same two guys I had met the previous day at work. I think I’ll always remember that moment when Gavin turned around and we just realized. He said, “For some reason, when FrankOH said he had a photographer, I had a feeling it might be you.” This sounds incredibly cheesy, but in that moment, everything made sense (because nothing much makes sense after you graduate with a BA), and I know that I was exactly where I was supposed to be (for now).

I love this story, this is the best coincidence in my life. And I’ve always tried to tell people this story of how I come to know the guys, but I’m a terrible storyteller. I digress a lot and I like to stress out the details that most people don’t care about. It’s hard for me to sum up briefly how awesome this story was (without going in the details), cause when I think about it, neither me nor FrankOH were supposed to be at that fashion event because it wasn’t our normal “scene”.

The FrankOH “Hear U Scream” MV is where I first worked with Director Cat Hostick and Director of Photography Russ De Jong, who recently worked on the Silverstein “Face of the Earth” MV and got me out to take pictures (kids, this is what networking looks like.)

Super cheesy lesson here: get out of your comfort zone, you never know what you’ll experience!

I’m available for real and fake band photos!

Shoot Day!

It was at this big house about an hour drive from Toronto, I left home around 9am and went downtown to get a ride from the guys and didn’t get home until 6am the next day… #setlife

Director giving notes


Melisa on the right


Gavin, Dario, Nick






Gavin been lifting
Band meeting


Production actually used my camera to put in the rig for the underwater sequence (took this on a crew member’s 5D MKII)

Took some quick (keyword) portraits that I’m really happy about!

My favourite portrait ever


Thanks for reading! I still have tons of photos to share from the last year… that’s how I keep you coming back X)

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