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Despite what most people think, I actually don’t go to school for photography. I’m currently in my last year at University of Toronto majoring in Books & Media Studies (with minors in Cinema Studies & Political Science, if you are wondering) So what’s Books & Media Studies? Book history, communication theory, Marshall McLuhan, that kinda stuff. Do I like it? It’s alright. I write a lot of essays. I’m almost done anyway. I have to admit that it’s (relatively) not a demanding program, so I have some time to do other things, like working with Reel Asian (!) and constantly looking for ways to be creative aside from reading and writing essays.

In March 2012, my friend Betty asked me to cover photography and video for the inaugural INDePth Conference, a student-led academic conference. I wasn’t shooting much so I was up for anything, and event photography seemed a natural move after shooting shows, I also wanted to try videography, so I signed up. As INDePth’s Multimedia Producer, I make videos to promote the conference. It was my first time shooting video on a DSLR and also my first time making promo videos. Here’s what we used for 2013’s marketing campaign.

INDePth Conference 2013 Teaser

INDePth Conference 2013 Trailer

What’s So Awesome About INDePth — Student Testimony

And here are photos I took from this year’s conference, which took place in March at U of T’s Hart House (the Great Hall)… soo pretty.

INDePth Conference 2013 - Day 1

INDePth Conference 2013 - Day 1

INDePth Conference 2013 - Day 1

INDePth Conference 2013 - Day 1
David Mulroney, Canada’s Former Ambassador to China

INDePth Conference 2013 - Day 1

INDePth Conference 2013 - Day 3

INDePth Conference 2013 - Day 3

Right now, we are preparing for the 2014 edition, and we just released our first student testimony with footage I shot in March:

I also took some headshots of our Vice-Presidents for the website.

Claudia Chan

James Moon


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