Landmark Men Party

Following Carmen Chan around, creeping… check out her Baggu backpack

Woot Carmen shooting! I love taking behind the scenes photos

Carmen (also of How I Met Your Style), Denise of SUPERWOWOMG, Jason of TOUGHLOVE

JJ. Acuna aka the Wanderlister and Jason

Live mannequins

Jun Kung (恭碩良) and band

Fact: I don’t party.

But I’m in Hong Kong so I made an exception (hahahahaa I make myself sound so important) and went to the Landmark Men Summer Party (upscale mall in Hong Kong). I’m not entirely sure what happened there except I met some of the Hong Kong bloggers who I have been following for some time. Funny enough, earlier the week I was assigned to do a piece on the local bloggers for Time Out Hong Kong (where I’m interning). So it’s super awesome to finally meet them in person after some email exchange!!!

Anyway, a little bit on photography… I am deathly afraid of taking formal group photos, like those “look here and smile!” ones. I could never really get the focus/lighting right without a few shots. I know I don’t have enough experience in that area because I always go for the familiar and say that “I prefer to shoot candids” (I do) and avoid formal photos the best I could. It’s just odd to think that you could give me a song’s time to shoot a band, I could get a bunch of shots but if you see me walking around and ask me to take photos of you and your friends, I would freak out and can’t think straight. See why I like to shoot behind the scenes?!

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