Reel Asian 2014 TIFF Reception @ Pearl King

Somehow the only TIFF-related event I attended this festival season was Reel Asian‘s annual TIFF Reception. This was my third year attending and second time photographing it for the festival — the first time I covered it was 2012. Lately, I have been more “active” with my photography, that means posing people and getting comfortable with using the external flash. When I’m taking photos at events, I have to get out of my comfort zone, go out there, and talk to people and take their photos. Personally I still find it a lot easier stopping someone at a music festival and ask for their portrait than posing people in a crowded place. I’ll get there…

Anyway, this year’s Reel Asian is happening from November 6th to 16th, it is starting from downtown and then moving northward and will wrap up in Richmond Hill. The press launch is happening in a few weeks on October 8th, when programming details will be released.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the reception. You can find the rest of them on Reel Asian’s Flickr page.


Frameline‘s Barbara & Arthur, Richie Mehta & Hema Ramsingh
The Home Promised‘s Betty Xie exchanging cards

2014ReelAsian_TIFFReception_04 2014ReelAsian_TIFFReception_05 2014ReelAsian_TIFFReception_06

Last Train Home director Lixin Fan

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