Meeting Jonathan Mak

I’m trying to do regular blog updates and consider what a gigantic backlog of photos and stories I have, I’m having this weekly feature called #WayBackWhensday… on Wednesdays in which I’ll post photos and things that happened sometime ago.

So enjoy, and expect to see things from bajillion years ago because I’m a terribly lazy person and I’m still trying to change that…. so here’s a blog about hanging out with Hong Kong graphic designer Jonathan Mak.

I came across Jon’s Tumblr in May 2011 and I FREAKED OUT, because it’s not every day you find someone from Hong Kong (my hometown) on Tumblr, so I immediately felt a sense of familiarity. I started going through his blog, and I was incredibly blown away by his designs and wit. Then I did the next logical thing: I messaged him on Tumblr and lurked his Facebook and then we are friends! Last September, Jon came to Toronto for a Holt Renfrew campaign he was part of, being the stalker great friend that I am I obviously was a very great host.

Jon was only here for a few days that were packed with activities, so the day before he left, my dad drove us and his friend Kelsey to Niagara Falls. Kelsey and I had so many other things we wanted to show him in Toronto, but we only had one day, so we packed everything in that day: we got back downtown from the Falls by noon… AMAZING, right? It was also pretty awesome because it was an early weekend morning and there were barely any tourists. We hung out downtown, went to the Distillery and Eaton Centre and then had dinner at Don Don Izakaya. I remember I went to see a movie at TIFF after. It was one of the most productive days I’ve ever had.



He would want me to tell you that he’s only wearing the sweater he designed because it got breezy that fall afternoon.








I edited the following photos differently than I normally would, this kinda thing is not usually my style, but I love how they turned out! #experimenting



It’s been so long I don’t even remember the names of these dishes. Oops.



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