A Study in Friendship

In my last post, I established what a shitty blogger/photographer/person I am when it comes to posting things in a relevant timeframe… so here’s another post with photos I took from last year.

Last time I explained how I met Gavin and Nick (recap: I found a job, they also worked there), I haven’t explained the part that I was actually hired to replace Gavin, as he was going to UK for a year to do his Masters. After taking photos of the guys at band practices and hanging out at the MV shoot, I learned that Gavin and Nick had been friends since they were 2, which is super cool that they are still friends 20+ years later. To someone who moved across the world from all her childhood friends and whose best friends aren’t in the same country, I treasure a good friendship story. I also love their dynamic and I wanted to do more portraits, so I figured it would be nice to take some photos of them before Gavin goes overseas for a year. They liked the idea. On the day of Gavin’s going away party, we took the photos with Nick and Chris, their other childhood friend, at the loft he lived. The shoot was super fun (lots of bromance), it was basically a friend photoshoot and a fake band shoot, people should have these more often (hit me up).

It’s already been a year… and Gavin’s coming back this week. So I guess it’s time to post the photos… yeah I’m the worst x)

I shot all of these on a Mamiya C220, I think I used Kodak Portra 800 for the indoors photos. I messed up for the outdoor photos, it was the Fujicolor Pro 160NS. I thought lower ISO would work but only that one last image turned out, the others were blurry. But then again I was shooting on the stairs without a tripod, that wasn’t a good idea. Film’s hard, but it’s super rewarding.


Friends on Film








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