Dustin Dopsa of Final Thought

I’ll confess these were taken awhile ago — October 2012 — and I’ve never posted them until now, blah blah blah. Anyway, this is Dustin. Dustin sings in Final Thought, it’s his 23rd birthday today—which means it’s the perfect time to post portraits of somebody, always.

There were taken on my Mamiya C220 TLR with 120mm film but it’s been so freaking long ago I don’t remember which film I used, most likely the Kodak  Portra. I wanted to shoot with Dustin after seeing this video which shows off his place and I was—and still am—looking to do more portrait work. This attempt was also inspired and influenced by Carmen Chan & Ken Wu‘s wonderful work on How I Met Your Style. Instead of style influencers, I obviously went with what I know best—musicians!

Happy birthday Dustin!





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