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“Walk with me” is a phrase I imagine using, you know, as if I have something important to say to another person that couldn’t wait so we have to do the “walk and talk” thing like they do on Suits. Anyway, the urgency this title inspires has nothing to do with the post except I really like the sound of it and the following photos are taken while on a brief photo walk.

A few weeks ago, I woke up to a foggy day and thought, “Yay picture time!” I’m also trying to keep up photo blogs this year, or I’d just end up having a bunch of photos piled up in my archive, untouched and buried in a dark corner of my brain and hard drive, a horrible place I’m unwilling to revisit (case in point: I have SO MUCH to share from 2011 and 2012… ha… ha). I guess I’d never kept a photo blog (for long) before, I used to put up photos on Flickr but I post one or two of my favourite photos, to keep the feed uncluttered. Then last month I was in Brooklyn at the Mast Brothers Chocolate store with my friends Jaime and Sherlock, Jaime and I were flipping the J’aime New York book looking at all the photographs of restaurants and the food, a feature is made up of a collage of the interior of the place, the food and other details . And it occurred to me how all these seemingly mundane photographs on its own form a larger story when they are organized in relation to each other. I know it’s something really really obvious, but I never thought about it until then. And that’s funny because I have been reading various lifestyle/fashion blogs this past year so you’d think that realization would have hit me sooner…

I’m used to visualize how an individual photograph would look like framed on a blank wall on its own, that’s how I approach my photographs. That explains why sometimes I would take a detail shot of a random object and think it’s a crappy photo because it doesn’t mean anything, that’s because, arguably, it has no significance until I put it with something else. I initially planned on putting up one of these photos but days later, I was editing them again and I realized — what the hell, I have the space to put them up anyway. I guess that’s the luxury of photo blogs > Flickr. That being said, I’m looking forward to experiment with various editing techniques and style! So that’s a great plus for photo blogs and personal work.

Sorry for stating the obvious… now, the photos!

20130113-Walk-01 20130113-Walk-04 20130113-Walk-02 20130113-Walk-03

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