Red Handed Denial’s “Stories of Old” Album Release Show

A couple weeks ago I photographed Toronto band Red Handed Denial’s album release show at the Cherry Cola’s Rock N’ Rolla Cabaret and Lounge, super inconspicuous venue with a small stage and cool decor. Shot these with my trusty 50mm f/1.8, then I made up my mind to pick up something wider. I saw the…… Continue reading Red Handed Denial’s “Stories of Old” Album Release Show

Meeting Jonathan Mak

I’m trying to do regular blog updates and consider what a gigantic backlog of photos and stories I have, I’m having this weekly feature called #WayBackWhensday… on Wednesdays in which I’ll post photos and things that happened sometime ago. So enjoy, and expect to see things from bajillion years ago because I’m a terribly lazy…… Continue reading Meeting Jonathan Mak


I love Toronto. I have been living here for almost 7 years now, but I think the love affair started when I was in high school and started going to shows. Going to a venue for the first time requires preparation, trekking there via the unfamiliar subway, and hoping that I don’t get lost and…… Continue reading Toronto

Analogue Gallery: Sound Image 2013

Last Tuesday was the opening reception for Analogue Gallery Sound Image 2013 contest & exhibition. There were so many people and it was great to finally meet some Toronto photographers who I have been stalking whose work I have been following and seen around on the Interwebz (Jess Baumung! Vanessa Heins! Courtney Lee Yip!) The…… Continue reading Analogue Gallery: Sound Image 2013

Walk With Me

“Walk with me” is a phrase I imagine using, you know, as if I have something important to say to another person that couldn’t wait so we have to do the “walk and talk” thing like they do on Suits. Anyway, the urgency this title inspires has nothing to do with the post except I…… Continue reading Walk With Me

Reel Asian’s TIFF Reception 2012 @ Dazzling

Last Tuesday, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (where I’m interning) threw a TIFF (that’s Toronto International Film Festival) Reception for filmmakers and industry people at Dazzling. Annnnd I took some photos for the event. Here are some of my favourite ones, you can see more here.