Analogue Gallery: Sound Image 2013

Last Tuesday was the opening reception for Analogue Gallery Sound Image 2013 contest & exhibition. There were so many people and it was great to finally meet some Toronto photographers who I have been stalking whose work I have been following and seen around on the Interwebz (Jess Baumung! Vanessa Heins! Courtney Lee Yip!) The exhibition ends in a few days so please go check it out while you can, lots of great work.

Here are some photos from the night.





Haha I didn’t now what else to write about.

By Jessie Lau

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  1. Whoa congrats on having your work up in the gallery! I’m looking forward to coming back to Toronto this summer to check out the downtown scene. And I love how there’s still snow- it’s boiling here in HK!


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