Creeping on Carmen Chan

Like I mentioned last time, I spent some time creeping on Carmen Chan while she was shooting. The guy she was photographing is actually 17!!! FYI the man in blue is Alan See from Hong Kong menswear clothier The Armoury (which I only found out because I follow Carmen’s photography, if y’all are wondering how I suddenly got a remote interest in fashion… actually, I just like to look at well-dressed men).

Have I mentioned that I love to shoot behind-the-scenes images? Actually I want to take film stills at some point (or your band recording in a studio… hit me up). I think I like photographing people doing what they are passionate about. Or how they are so into it they don’t even notice or care that I’m creeping around, that’s the ninja status I’m aiming for.

By Jessie Lau

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