Day trip to New York City!

I took a quick trip to New York City last Friday with my friends Arthur and Allan. Get this — we were only there for the day. I have been planning this trip in my head since the brilliant and talented Alice X. Zhang announced her solo show in January… probably? I love her art and it’s a good reason to take a road trip. I didn’t really plan on being there for the day, but I wanted to come back to Toronto for some #CC100TIFF activities (wouldn’t miss seeing Christopher Doyle for the world)! So yea, we took a 10-hour bus ride to the city, spent the day there and took the midnight bus back to Toronto.

Oh yeah. Of course the only day we were going to be in NYC, the tropical storm Andrea also came with her downpour. It was raining the whole day it got real when we were in Brooklyn going into the gallery. We were so drenched.

I also only brought my iPhone 4 with me on this trip and awesome enough, VSCO CAM was released that day so I decided to give it a test run on the trip!!!!!!!!



It’s actually my third time visiting NYC in the last three years, and my BFF Jaime introduced me to Shake Shack last time I was there and obviously the agenda for the day had to include a meal at Shake Shack!





We also went to MoMa because Arthur and Allan had never been. I was looking forward to see the Rain Room. But then, as we were walking to the entrance of MoMa in the rain and I was trying to tell my friends why we had to go, I realized how stupid I sounded saying, “We go in the room to experience rain.” I couldn’t even finish my sentence and we just ended up laughing at the irony. Oh, modern art.



Then we went to Brooklyn.


Fun fact: A Day To Remember is one of my favourite bands and “Homesick” is one of my all-time favourite albums! It also gives you an idea of how windy it was…


Other than Shake Shack, I also dropped by the Baggu store and got a Baby Baggu and some more zipper bags — the small ones are on sale and they aren’t making them anymore — they are super great for organizing stuff in my big backpack.


Waiting in the rain for the Gallery to open!



If you don’t already know the incredible Alice X. Zhang… you should. To me, she represents the awesomeness of Internet, art, and fandom and how it all comes together. Everything I love about living in the digital age. Here is an incredibly awkward photo of us me, I’m not crazy, I swear.


Guess which print I bought?! (Tip: I said I’m a Christopher Doyle fan…)

On the subway back to Manhattan. This is the Williamsburg Bridge.

Can’t wait for the next time!!

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  1. I just want to say that I’m super jealous that you got to actually see Warhol’s soup can paintings in person.

  2. I still can’t believe you have time to blog. (I already knew this, but…) DAHHH you went to MoMa?! Monet! Pollock! Ruscha! Warhol! Monet was my childhood idol. And the Ruscha-like gas station, I see what you did there.

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