Photo… of me!

I was lucky that my time in Hong Kong coincided with my good friend Andrea Pun‘s homecoming (she moved back to Hong Kong from L.A). If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, her name would probably be familiar ’cause I post about her awesome work from time to time! And if you don’t then you have been missing out a lot.

Anyway, I have known her for about nine or ten years now and this past summer was actually our first time meeting in person. We met on a Hong Kong-based Harry Potter Fanfiction Forum around 2002/2003. We kept in touch over the years and it’s a joy witnessing her journey and growth in photography (which you could read more about here when I interviewed her with my friends!).

So I was in Hong Kong, she was in Hong Kong. I needed “artist bio” photos, she needs some “artist bio” photos. She had lighting equipment, she also had a 5D MKIII that I could play with… so there I went!

She actually wanted her photos in black and white, and I knew I wanted to wear this shirt but I couldn’t decide what the background colour should be. And then I thought yellow would be fun! We had no seamless paper so we went to the mall to look for bright and yellow construction papers. Sadly this was not North America and dollar stores aren’t everywhere. We spent a long time in the mall trying to find a stationary store, or somewhere that sells yellow paper. And believe me, it was unnecessarily difficult ’cause the mall had all these big chain stores stores, and there was no construction paper at the bookstore either. In the end, we had to resort to Google and found an old school stationary store tucked away in the corner of the basement.

Andrea Pun‘s shutter goessss offfff
Our setup (we had another reflector off the side) and Andrea’s workspace

Thank you Andrea :)

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